Sunday, December 14, 2008

London lucia

Being Swedish I always celebrate Lucia - and even more so when I happen to live outside Sweden. But it is supposed to be on the morning of the 13th of December ... today I cheated and did it one day later (came back from Sweden yesterday). Luckily the main target for my "performance" (the offspring) doesn't know about dates.

[for you who don't know about the tradition of celebrating Sankta Lucia in Scandinavian countries - a short description: Lucia comes as the bringer of the light early in the morning of the darkest night of the year. She is dressed in white and wears a crown of candles, she is followed by girls with glitter in the hair and boys with white cones with stars on their heads. They are singing. Lucia comes with Lucia bread (sweet) and gingerbread. The Scandinavian tradition has its roots in Saint Lucia.]

photo by hector mora


Anonymous said...

It sounds just lovely!

Drömma-Lotta said...

Ser fram emot mer bilder ifrån barnboksprojektet, jättefint!
Lucian är väldigt tjusig dessutom..

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Själv såg jag min dotter vara tärna i masthuggskyrkan, inte ett öga torrt
; )

Esti said...

why don't we get here the coolest traditions like this one?

●• Thereza said...

welcome back!!!!
i love traditions like these! great picture by Mr Mora :)