Thursday, December 18, 2008

an afternoon with Thereza

Today Thereza and I finally managed to get together for a coffee. It was wonderful to again be the one to get a sneak peak - in reality - of some of her work. This time: her book "the horse and the seed". Poetic and sensitive. It's just so much better to get to hold work on paper in your hand!

We had a little gift exchange - not because of the upcoming holiday (at least not in my mind) - and Thereza gave me her tache power mini zine and two of her great necklaces. I had been a bit sad not to win at her give-away ... but now I got them anyway! Thank you Thereza! You're the best!

(the chocolate Santa belonged to someone else at the Café. I do not torture gnomes or Santa)


famapa said...

wuaah, jag får lite andnöd när jag ser choklad tomten (för det är väl en choklad tomte?!), typ plastpåse kvävning. oj vad jag pratar strunt. vad mysigt med paket utdelning och fika!

Camilla Engman said...

Det var ett kafé i min smak :)

●• Thereza said...

no, we don't torture santa's or gnomes for that matter. we were just asked to look after the poor sod for 5 mins :) fun fun fun! love your pics too!

Anonymous said...

Happy to hear it was not your good self responsible for the Santa/Gnome wrap... and to hear you two had a ball. It looks like fun.

aimee said...

you had to babysit someone else's tortured gnome?

how lovely to see your coffee date through both of your eyes... looks like it was just wonderful!