Wednesday, March 30, 2011

should be ready by Friday

I'm finishing up a series of paintings this week in order to have some fresh material for a grant application. Sometimes it's good to just put that pressure on yourself: by Friday it should be ready and by next week I will start something new.

Today you can read the article about my exhibition in the small paper Härryda Posten, but I would rather not link to the article... I've never ever gotten an article in a local paper that I would like someone to read ... Last time (my exhibition at Lysekil Konsthall) an artist came to my opening and told me, "but this is really good and interesting, not at all like the impression I got through the local paper"

At the online Magzine Art Interview you can read art interviews (with artist a tiny tiny bit more established than me)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

trying to formulate myself

Instead of enjoying painting with my new big brush I've spend the last two days reflecting on how to best formulate what my art is about. At a point I know of course, but to put it into words in order to really pinpoint concepts and to be clear enough to avoid misunderstandings, is harder. Yesterday I was interviewed by the local paper Härryda Posten about my ongoing exhibition. Small local papers like that have journalists covering a wide range of topics - so it will be interesting to see how the journalist interpreted me...

We will finally have a official release (party?) of the book "Bortom Orden" within the Art Project with the same name! Come and joing us at Galleri Box, Kastellgatan 10, Göteborg, on Friday April 8 at 18:00. The event on Facebook

Sunday, March 27, 2011

change of plans

I was only supposed to spend very few days in the studio in March/April - as I according to plans was to work on my commission elsewhere, give workshops etc. But then I decided that delegating more of the execution of the art piece was better - to get more studio time. I will also cancel a workshop. At this point I value time more than money! (and I actually don't really need that income)

I bought the big ink brush in Paris. I haven't tried it yet... this week I will.

[anyone wondering about the lego-painting? It was a big success! I'll soon take a photo of it in day light in the kid's room]

Thursday, March 24, 2011

lego-painting: details

I have been so totally wasted the last nights that I've barely managed to check my e-mail. Same thing tonight I better go to bed early and hope I'll regain my super powers for tomorrow to be able to finish the lego-painting for my son's birthday. I'm almost there.

Monday, March 21, 2011

giving workshops

the course room at KKV (artist run collective workshops) Göteborg

Today I started the 2,5 days "screenprinting on paper workshop" for master students from HDK (the school of design and crafts) at KKV. I've been giving a lot of short workshops the last years and it's always interesting to see the different types of participants. Mostly I give screenprinting workshops at art schools or to professional artists/designers. The most attentive participants and best listeners are actually very often the most experienced and established - or the total beginners. These two types believe they can learn from me. Then we have the opposite: the participants who think they already master the technique - because they've done it a bit before - and won't listen and don't need any demonstrations and very often fuck up. (there are of course also those who have a clue and know they still might learn new ways of doing things). Will be interesting to see what types I'm having from HDK. (I won't tell you though, because you never know who reads this blog)

Every summer HDK offers an independent course program (which means not just for their own students) and this summer I will teach big format screenprinting. We're still in the planning phase, but by the 1st of April it should all be official - and I'll let you in on the details.

Debu Barve writes about art on his blog.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nemeshallen: Bloody Serious

Today was the opening of my exhibition at Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke. It was a sunny day with the smell of early spring in the air and the light was wonderful.

Thank you all who came to the opening!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

exhibition hanged

I'm not very present here at my blog these days - it's just too much at the moment and very little time off. Last weekend I gave a screenprinting workshop and this week I'm preparing another one for HDK master students (to take place next week). Yesterday I had half a day of Creative School (mural project) and today I hanged my exhibition.

As my father used to say "Rest? You will have plenty of time for that once you are dead"

Welcome to my Opening on Saturday 12:00 - 15:00 at Nemeshallen, Mölnlycke!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This morning I went to my frame-maker, just to learn he had used black frame instead of white... But as I have taken the decision to see everything in more a positive way, I was very happy I hadn't postponed the picking up until the very day I was to hang the exhibition! (now he has got the time to make it right)
I then spend most of the day packing the paintings/prints I already had framed and decided what works together. (I hope I'll get it all into the car.)

Yesterday I started a birthday-painting for my son. He will soon turn 6 and he wants a lego-painting (which also means lego-videogame-painting). Today I continued. I have just one more day, next week, to finish it. It's not supposed to be a "proper art piece", but being familiar with Petri Hytönens lego paintings it's very hard for me not getting more ambitious than I should... (my son has also seen Hytönen's paintings ...)

I enjoy painting the little lego figures, but the lego pieces themselves .. Nay...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

exhibition coming up!

Today I posted the invitations to my upcoming exhibition (19 March) at Nemeshallen. This is my fourth separate exhibition within 6 months - so after this one I'll take a break from exhibiting until 2012 (unless I get an offer I can't refuse).

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

cabinet de curiosités

Last photos from Paris: the Brocante & Antiquités market held by the Seine during the weekend was a veritable cabinet de curiosités (or a Damien Hirst exhibition?).

Brian Dettmer's cut outs got a vintage feeling. Found via Nathalie et cetera

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

visit to Palais de Tokyo

I didn't just wander the streets of Paris feeling romantic (even though that was the puspose of the trip). I couldn't resist seeing some art, of course.

João Onofre
I very much enjoyed João Onofre's "Catriona Shaw sings Baldessari sings LeWitt re-edit Like a Virgin extended version" - which is what it sounds like. Read more here (in French)
Sandra Lorenzi
Sandra Lorenzi's La Nébuleuse de l’homoncule worked perfectly in the room - white cube! - with concrete floor. But I was a bit disappointed that the lamp in the ceiling wasn't part of her installation.
Amos Gitai
Palais de Tokyo is undergoing a renovation and has taken advantage of the process by creating a totally different exhibition space downstairs - in the construction site. The film-maker Amos Gitai "presents a vast installation that replicates the emotional and intimate experience at the core of collective memory. Using images taken from a dozen of his films, he imbues the basement with a visual and sonar experience of an exceptional richness." to quote Palais de Tokyo's description of the installation. Amo's Gitai is telling the story of his father, a socialist jew who studied architecture at Bauhaus, was expelled by the Nazis, migrated to Israel, became a leading architect there and realized that revolutionary ideas didn't mean that people appreciated modern architecture - to make a complex, touching story short and simple. And of course the installation was impressive, but I can't help asking myself if not any other film about war, oppression and injustice could have made the same impression in this site. It could have worked with news clips from Egypt. You couldn't get much out of the images and clips from Gitai's films. But, anyway it made an impression ... and I love that Palais de Tokyo did this. I wonder who came up with the idea to use the construction site as part of an installation? If it was Amos Gitai - forget my critique.

Monday, March 07, 2011

Paris pictures

I've had some wonderful days off in Paris. Now I have no more excuses not to work intensely ...

[top photo: Hector Mora, the rest: me]

Thursday, March 03, 2011

too easy?

No, life isn't too easy. Instead I wonder if I took it too easy the last two months when concentrating on painting ...

suddenly I have like tons of things I should have done - or should do really soon. And long lists of tasks for every night when the kid has fallen asleep ... and absolutely not the desire to do it. I just move the tasks to tomorrow and then to tomorrow and then ...

And tomorrow I'm off to Paris for some days - and I won't work at all! YES!

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

like cutting out cookies

Today I've been making some templates for cutting out the simpler big shapes for my commission. The shapes are fitted into rectangles which will be magnified onto aluminium plates (size 2500 mm x 1250 mm) with the help of an overhead projector - to make sure the shapes will be the right size and fit together - and that we will waste as little material as possible. [that description didn't sound very clear ... anyhow: I know what I'm doing]
...the basic aesthetic idea in my commissioned art piece is based on the cut out, but now it makes me think more of when you try to get as many cookies as possible out of the gingerbread dough ...
I realized that I actually never posted an image of my finished sketch for the commission - here it is! (the builing will be painted green and the doors orange)
and this is the wall right now.

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

So much last month

Ferbruary painting, detail

Can you feel the difference? It's no longer February ... it's March. Life seems so much more promising and brighter!