Tuesday, December 02, 2008

photoshop: testing ideas

Sometimes I just know directly how to continue, other times I have to test different ideas. I have two methods: testing additions on loose papers - or in Photoshop. The last method has been really good for me especially when I've wanted to try some ideas late at night and my studio wasn't next door. And it's fast. In the beginning I felt like I was kind of cheating, but I'm over that now!

The camels didn't work at all. They were supposed to form a crown. The original idea was actually to have something on her nose, something that really upset or irritated her. Didn't work! I liked the monocle though.


●• Thereza said...

keep experimenting. it could work really well. the crispy edge of the corporate 'logos' with the organic paintings... i do like the idea.

marie-louise said...

Det är så kul att följa processen här även om jag inte hinner titta lika länge och noga som vanligt...men vilken fin mun och profil!