Monday, December 22, 2008

and the title?

Sometimes the titles come easily, sometimes not. Here I don't know yet. Suggestions?


Esti said...

Sorry, I can't come up with anything just yet. I have very little time at the moment... working hard these days, but I anyway wanted to say have a nice christmas, alexandra! :)

natsumi said...

Beautiful paitning! I love the blue on the background!

Christine Clemmensen said...

Mnn. Nope. Can't name your painting either. But I sure like it:) Intense blue.
Happy holidays to you.

marie-louise said...

men det är ju skitsvårt, det måste komma ganska direkt för mig annars blir det "sökt".
Och att våga sig på en titel på din bild...nej, det klarar jag inte.

God Jul och frid och ro till dig och dom du gillar!

●• Thereza said...

are they the msn butterfly logo? it could be called the messenger...
love it!

Annas infall said...

Well... you paint like an old friend I had.. beautiful..
Du kan ge tavlan namnet:

Blyg uppmärksamhet.

God Jul//Anna

Anonymous said...

Over the shoulder.

A backward glance.

Feeling followed.

Follow me.

In full flight.

Look left.

Borrowed wings.

Hmm... nope... can't conjure a title either. Best of luck with it. It's sure to hit you late in the eve or early one morn... or whenever there is no pen handy.

Happy Christmas to you! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm with firefox.

Can I borrow those?

Ah, I'd quite forgotten how much fun musing over titles and particulars can be. Maybe 2009 will find me inspired to pick up the paintbrush again, thanks largely to you. Your paintings and the behind-the-scenes peeks are inspiring to say the very least.

see you, g

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Thereza - you really know me and my way of thinking; your suggestion might be the right one...

the others were really great tooo!