Sunday, January 22, 2017

Summing up 2016: July - September

In July I went on a well deserved vacation on Crete with my family 

and enjoyed as well some free time in Sweden doing those special summer things - like picking wild raspberries. 

In August I was back in the studio giving my aging balloons some attention and finally getting to work on my own art (all spring was dedicated to making money).

In the end of September I went with my family to Greece again; this time when it was not so hot - so we could visit all those ancient sites.
Meanwhile I participated in a group exhibition about Public Art at Galleri KC in Gothenburg.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

summing up 2016: April-June

In April and May I continued with my Land Art project developing the methodology and giving many workshops for preschoolers. 

May came with beautiful weather and I participated with a Land Art installation along Stensjöpromenaden in Mölndal as part of Green Gothenburg.

But not everything was a success ... I made a suggestion for a public commission for a school - but my competitor got the job ... The things happens now and then.
Then I had an exhibition showing the sketches and work process for a public commission for a school ("here, take mine") from 2013  - at Skissernas Rum at Gallery KC Väst.
In June my Land Art project resulted in a methodology book (120 pages, in Swedish) for artists - available on-line here - and to spread the word I gave lectures ... 
 and Land Art workshops for artists.

During the last days of June I made a wall painting for Artmadethis - an urban art project promoting female artists in the four biggest cities in Sweden.

I named the painting "Let them eat cake"

Thursday, January 05, 2017

summing up 2016: Jan-March

2016 was a horrible year for me privately, especially the first half year. Which is one of the reasons why I took a break from blogging.

But I do not wish to linger on that subject - professionally 2016 was a good year and focusing on working helped me through some hard time.
All of January was dedicated to a printmaking project for preschoolers together with Carina Eriksson at Sinkadusen - a creative resource-center for preschools in Mölndal. Almost 100 children got the chance to try several different ways to work with printmaking and every time we looked to a different artist's work for inspiration (one of them being me).

In February and March I kept focusing on printmaking when making an investigation and report on how the Printmaking department at Akademin Valand could improve with suggestions for changing the workshop's all over lay-out and what new investments could be made. I visited many printmaking studios - here at the photo the lithographic workshop at the school of Fine Art in Stockholm.

First half of 2016 was also the time for my Land Art Project (supported by a generous grant from the region) - a pedagogical project to develop the methods working with preschools and with the goal to get more artists to work with Land Art for preschoolers. February- March I focused on the preschool teachers with workshops outdoors (cold...). Here you can read about the whole project (in Swedish though) 
During this period I also completed a public commission for a preschool in Getinge (Halmstad Municipal) - and in March it was finally mounted!

Looking back at this period I wonder how many hours a week
 I worked? Did I sleep?
Did I take
any day off at all?