Monday, March 05, 2018

Days of Laughter I-IV

I got my four unique artists Days of Laughter I-IV back from the bookbinder Flodstrands a little more than a week ago. I’m so pleased with them! All those little details in the bookbinding – and the fact that they look and work as planned. This set of artist books in a box is intended as an art piece, not as documentation. It is laughter in a book, laughter as a book.
the covers are screen printed by me

100 pages of an ever-changing laughter, each book containing a different laughter
if you want to get back to a special laughter you can use the pink ribbon

Flodstrands Bookbinder has made a fantastic job

The background is this: during five weeks I made five big drawings of laughter (130 x 100 cm). I started on Mondays and drew, erased, drew, erased and drew again - and on Fridays I stopped. I photographed the process in ever changing daylight and each drawing resulted in more than hundred photos. The fifth and last drawing was utterly uninteresting during all the process and thus didn’t make as an art piece. The set of 100 photos of each drawing became four animations (meant to be projections) and now: artist books.