Wednesday, December 17, 2008

gracias, Gracia!

The other week I got a parcel all the way from Australia. Artist Gracia Haby had packed it full of her art - and some of her collaborations with Louise Jennison.

Preface: an old suitcase full of photos on my mother's attic, photos from Elisabeth Söderberg's life. She had been an artist and an acquittance of my grandmother. When she died almost 20 years ago without any close relatives we cleaned out her home and some of her things ended up in our house.

June 2008: I had to make room in my mother's attic to store my belongings. I got rid of a lot of rubbish - and looked through Elisabeth's old photos. They had something special over them - and they were someone's memories. I suddenly thought of Gracia. I only knew of her through her blog, but thought maybe these photos could be for her and her art. Just before moving to London I sent Gracia a parcel.

A new life for the photos: in Gracia Habys art - in a gallery, and in one of Gracia's zines Good evening, good evening. So nice of you to have come all this way.

I'm convinced Elisabeth Söderberg would have been pleased. Photos from her life got a new life thanks to Gracia Haby! And now I got to see how it all turned out. Gracias, Gracia!


●• Thereza said...

brilliant! i love Gracia and Louise's work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, once again, Alexandra, for sending those beautiful photographs of Elisabeth my way. I still have a handsome pile that I am keen to put to sensitive, I hope, and fitting use. With an exhibition slated for next October-November, I am certain Elisabeth Söderberg's memories will reappear.

Glad you liked the snail mail from lj and me.

see you, g xo

P.S. Thanks Thereza, too.

Anonymous said...