Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My process book

The book is called "LAUGHTER graphite eraser paper" (in Swedish though) and contains photos of my work in process, drawings in my studio, finished art pieces, som shorts texts and an interview with me conducted by Angelica Olsson.

I now have my dummy and will print the book in a small edition in February and bind it myself as it contains some pages in transparent special paper. A version in English is also coming up later this spring!

Friday, January 19, 2018

A great publishing course

I just took a publishing course at Valand Academy (one semester halftime). Not only did we explore digital publications and pdf format, but we also made some paper publications. We finished the course with a book release and an exhibition at Galleri Monitor.

I’ve been reflecting a lot about how people experience my art and the best way to present my art pieces - because most people will not experience them in real life. I work a lot with scale and material which is really hard to mediate digitally or in printed matter. Thus I ended up making a small material and process book, which is to be the first one in a series of three.

a visitor checking out my process book "LAUGHTER graphite eraser paper"