Wednesday, November 10, 2010

a long day hanging exhibition

Yesterday I left home when it was still dark. It started snowing and got so slippery while I was packing the car. But I made it to Kungälv without problems. Then I spend all day hanging my exhibition with the assistance of a former class mate from art school (thanks Yvonne) who I basically haven't seen properly for 13 years... The exhibition is looking good and I was pleased as a child when putting the title of the exhibition on the wall (cut out with the cutting plotter that I now master). 

At night I was so wasted I went to bed at the same time as my 5 year old son (21:00)!


gracia said...

I love installing an exhibition and the rewarding, anxious and exhausted feeling at the end.

Good luck with it all. I look forward to seeing a little more when you get the chance.

Julia da Franca said...

i am along time silent reader of your blog.
now i want to change that and i wish you all the best
for your exhibition!!
good luck and many interesting visitors, julia

●• Thereza said...

looking fantastic!
just a quick peep as i've got to get back to work.
good luck!!! although you're brilliant and don't need much of it :D

Esti said...

i'd like to see more...
good luck with it!! I hope the effort and the energy you've put in it don't go unnoticed

Alexandra Hedberg said...

thank you all for your good luck wishes!

And Julia - extra nice to hear from you who has been silent until now.