Sunday, November 28, 2010

Art as Business: Progress Report VII

This autumn has been so totally overfilled with projects, exhibitions, workshops and sketching for a commission that I’ve barely been able to blog about it properly – and I must say that especially my Art as Business Series has suffered from lack of attention. I keep telling myself that soon, soon, I’ll have more time – but soon seems to linger just at the horizon all the time - it's like trying to get to the end of the rainbow…  I’m just not managing to get any closer.

But I thought that I should at least manage a little Progress Report today!

Commissions/Public Art
In August last year I gave myself the task to get more commissions for Public Art on a regular basis to secure some incomes (while working on getting somewhere with “my own art” without compromising). A year later - in August 2010 - I thought that maybe this shouldn’t be the way to go for me – but I was drawing conclusions too early. Some things need time in order to show results:

- On December 3rd I’ll present my sketch for a Public Art Piece for a school (I’ve been posting a lot here at my blog about my work in progress).
- I’ve been asked to make another mural project in spring 2011 with new school children, but at the same school as before. Here you can see what we did in spring.
- I’ve been asked to make a minor mural for a private client

might happen
- Just a few days ago I got a question from an art consultant about the mural I painted in 2006; there could be a similar project for me coming up.
- While following up a contact I got a hint that I might be up for a public commission in another municipal. I can’t count on it, but it could very well happen..

…honestly I can’t do it all in 2011 and I don't want to do it all in 2011 … maybe save some for 2012?

I’ve not had the time to work on this properly, and have therefore set this as a priority task for spring 2011 - but some things are happening:
- 2 Separate exhibitions in spring (minor public art galleries/Konsthallar)
- Booked a meeting in December to set the date for upcoming separate exhibition (2012) in a gallery where I’ve exhibited before.

Since January I’ve only agreed to teach art when offered a good salary (no more night classes!). I want to limit the teaching to shorter periods of guestteaching/ a few days workshops now and then - and I've therefore worked to make this come true. I’m focusing on screen printing or public art and would also in a longer perspective like to teach art at university level. I really like teaching - in smaller doses - and would like to keep doing even if it wasn't to make money.

- Last week I was guest teaching 5 days (instead of 2-3 days) at Formakademin (screen printing)
- Next term I might be teaching a full week at KKV (instead of 2 days) if a course is coming true
- My screen printing workshops at KKV (2/term) fills up immediately and without much effort.
- I’m negotiating with a school to teach big format – poster – screen printing for 3 weeks

Time management
I’m managing (barely) to juggle all my projects. I am being super organized and structured but I can’t say at all that I’ve been successful in the task “liberate some time”. Au contraire! But in spring maybe? Soon, soon…

In January I’ll be back with my goals for 2011 and the tasks for spring. But there should be Art as Business posts before that!

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nathalie et cetera said...

Alexandra, tout ça c'est tellement des bonnes nouvelles ! Quand on commence à refuser des contrats, c'est que ça va vraiment bien. Ton travail acharné porte enfin ses fruits. Félicitations !