Monday, November 29, 2010

lecture and networking day

Lisa Lindén is lecturing
Last night I suddenly got this pain in my throat; and all night I was sweating and couldn't sleep properly. Nervous/stressed? No; some bug from the kid's preschool.

I drank a lot of coffee this morning and ate some pills - and managed to get going today anyway. Today we at KRO Väst (the Swedish Artists' National organisation) arranged at lecture and networking day about equality and I had to be there. I've been responsible for it (project leading, getting it financed etc) and have had great assistance from my intern Holger (thanks Holger!). The lecturers Lisa Lindén and Annika Hellström from Doris Film have had many years of experience from working with equality within film/theatre and the idea was to learn from other cultural sectors than Fine Art. And I think we did!

You can read more (in Swedish) about equality on our blog Aktivering Jämställdhet.  For example our Interview with Annika Hellström from Doris Film.

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