Tuesday, November 04, 2008

7 random facts - about me

1. 171 cm
2. shoe size 38
3. I break rules if I think they are stupid - or could be better.
4. I wanted to become an artist already at age 5
5. Favorite transport: biking
6. I’ve been to Singapore 4 times, Paris 10 times and Jordan once. (but not biking more than once to get there– to Paris)
7. I do not like to put photos of myself on my blog

(of course the facts can not be random when I chose them myself) I was tagged by Famapa. I tag Asphalt and Air and Veja Cecilia (I was supposed to tag 7 people)


Anonymous said...

this photo of you nevertheless is fantastic! Love your creativity,

Drömma-Lotta said...

Yes yes, du borde lagga upp fler bilder på ditt vacra ansikte tycker jag :)
Nu ligger du i länklistan!

marie-louise said...

Vad berest du är...och snygg!!

Esti said...

i like the photo!!!
(you are 3 cm taller than me, ha, ha...)

Anonymous said...

så stilig du är! hoppas du ser ut så ofta :)

asphalt and air said...

love, love, love your non-photo of yourself.
you're such a clever lass...
naughty too!
you rule-breaker, you!
thanks for the tag. i hope to get to it soon...

aimee said...

fabulous 'photo'! i love it!

Veja cecilia said...

tack för taggen!
Verkligen berest!