Monday, November 10, 2008

my lulu order

My little book - or should I say portfolio - from Lulu came in the post today. Voilà!

this one you can see bigger - click on it.

This is actually my second version. I got kind of disappointed with the first one. The colours were like they had a milky layer over them - and especially some colours got weird; yellow got more green and some blue got the opposite as milky - super strong and artificial. I knew it wasn't the digital images themselves as I have developped them before on paper. Anyhow - I did some photoshop "corrections" to the files; stronger contrast, warmer yellow, more subtle blue - or what was appropriate for that specific painting.

So today I was very curious when I opened the parcel. And It was actually ok - not like photos - but it will do. It has of course also to do with the paper quality. So now I will order some more. My advice to you who are thinking about ordering from Lulu is:
- Don't expect too much from pictures where exact colour is important (my screen prints were ok)
- Order ONE first "test version" - not several without having seen them. (I luckily resisted the temptation to order several - which I need kind of soon)

Though I must say the moo cards do my paintings more justice even if they are small.


marie-louise said...

Det ser ju skitbra ut - njut av detta hela dan!

Esti said...

thanks for your advices. I'm actually thinking of getting myself some moo cards after seeing yours!

Veja cecilia said...

det ser görfint ut. är det mycket dyrt att göra böcker?

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Cecilia: min bok på 19 x 19 cm, tror det var ca 38 sidor (hälften pappersblad) kostade 7,9 GBP - men frakten gick på 4,28 GBP. Allt som allt 12,18 pund vilket blir ca 150 sek. Det blir billigare med frakten om man beställer fler förstås!

●• Thereza said...

wow, it looks great alexandra! i should go for lulu when the childrens book is ready :)

ohh i've also got my moo business cards this week and they look great! just like the mini moo ones. i wasn't impressed by the postcards though. they have a glossy sheen, just not very good.

Bibbi said...

snyggt! samlat! seriöst :)