Thursday, November 06, 2008

how to: disappointment

In today's "how to" we are going to discuss how to deal with disappointments. Like when you for example don't get a job you thought you would get.

make figures symbolizing your disappointment - or that stupid xxxxx who didn't appreciate you or even gave you a fair chance.

make a world for your disappointments (or that idiot) - and turn it on fire!

BURN BURN YOU M----f---r!

When you now have dealt with your disappointment in a mature way - put the feeling away in a little box (that is - the ashes.) - and do not open it again. It is OK to look at the photos though.

|for anyone worried about me and how I handle disappointments in life:these photos are for the scavenger project. It is how I interpret Fear and The end of the world. Though I must admit that burning things make you feel better when you're disappointed and angry.|

Tomorrow I'll be back to my squares. They dry so slowly.
Oh - I almost forgot: Mankind Mag's new Issue Handmade is out!


aimee said...

these are sensational! we did something similar to this in our household once, only here it was saying farewell to a lousy job. it involved a mini-bonfire in our backyard. good luck and hang in there :)

●• Thereza said...

i loooooooove these!!!!
brilliant way of dealing with disappointment. would that work for handling 'stress' as well?...might give it a try. FIRE ON!!!
awww Alexandra, you're a star! can't wait to have some time to breathe and get together with you for a good and lazy coffee afternoon to catch up properly! :)

Anonymous said...

Yep, I know that feeling well and shall shelve the advice for next time.

asphalt and air said...

such good things happen from disapppoint this wonderful series.
you are brilliant!
don't worry, sweet alexandra, the right job will come.
who wouldn't want someone as creative, talented and inspired as you?

Veja cecilia said...

ahh, underbart att futta på besvikelsen! det kommer fler jobb. om det är någon tröst fick jag inte ens komma på intervju på ett jobb jag sökte som jag verkligen kände mig kvalificerad till, det suger! Men såhär i efterhand känns det faktiskt som en befrielse!

Olha Pryymak said...

this is very grabbing and emotional. How would you exhibit this in a gallery though?!

Esti said...

what a great advice!!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Olha - I would exhibit them as photos! To me it's that moment, my moment. Not the silhouettes and the fire.

Could also be fun to do it as a performance - but it can be a bit tricky sometimes with fire indoors. Maybe outdoors? And then you might have to go up in size. And it becomes a different art piece.

Olha Pryymak said...

sounds fascinating.