Sunday, November 09, 2008

plastic fantastic

What a girl gotta do do when she has little money?
Make credit cards! (as you might have figured out)

Again there is of course this thing with photos; they make things seem flatter. I've been putting some time on making first thick flat "cards" in white acrylics - then painting the specific colours and shapes. In real this gives the impression of actual cards (the same thickness) - more or less. I chose not to write the actual texts as I do not want too much focus on the cards.

I call the painting Plastic Fantastic. (click image for bigger)

Do you know iNeed by Mantis?
LV Child by Beejoir?
...good work!
Somehow also related to this post: wooster collective (how do I think?)


Mary-Laure said...

Ha! I love your plastic interpretations!

Olha Pryymak said...

gosh, this is really clever ;)

Esti said...


so it's come to this!!

How great!

(that wooster collective seems interesting...)

Anonymous said...

I really like this!

Veja cecilia said...

underbart! hon ser dessutom lycklig ut, på riktigt.

●• Thereza said...

looking fantastic!!!
i'm impressed both by the concept and painting :)

Bibbi said...

ahaa! det var så det skulle va! Klurigt.