Wednesday, November 19, 2008

3 months

today: London for 3 months - and no job so far. This is the moment for a secret fairy godmother to appear.

Anyone out there (godmother or not)? I'm very hardworking, creative and with a positive attitude. I speak French, I am computer literate, I know a lot about contemporary art, I know how to print in big formats with a steamroller. I paint great portraits (just mail me a photo). I master MS Office and have excellent administrative skills. I learn new thing easily. I can do almost anything, just ask.

I also accept donations. You can pay via paypal. For further instructions - and contact - you'll find my mail address here.

I have a dark sense of humor.


famapa said...


that's the spirit! hoppas att du hittar nåt snart, det här är den värsta tiden på året att va här... men humor hjälper, det är därför engelsmännen är som de är!

marie-louise said...

november är alltid tungt och ibland är det liksom vä det är bra med humor, titta på "The office", då får Du både skratta och lida för hur det kan vara på ett konstigt jobb:)))
(jag håller tummarna)

aimee said...

wish i could send a fairy godmother your way :)

p.s. i love your dark sense of humor.

●• Thereza said...

awww sweetie, i can draw you a godmother... how about that?
keep up the positive mind and the RIGHT job for you WILL come up. i'm totally sending you the best vibes for it to happen soon :)

Veja cecilia said...

helt underbart alexandra! Publicera den i en tidning så kommer du få så mycket jobb så du storknar, det är jag 100% säker på!

Lotte said...

I´m SURE you´ll find something or something WILL find you...or else there are no fairness in life!

Keep that sense of humour!!!...Only way to survive!
One comment made by you still make me gigglelaugh..."Har du varit ute och smakat på konstiga svampar i skogen?" (from Camillas blog)

I´m sorry... I can only afford to donate you 5 Danish Toms Marcipanbrød ??? Or 3 Nougatmouses???
Which do you prefer???
Send me your address and I´ll send them to you...hihi...promise:)

I´ll keep my fingers crossed for your job finding XX

Esti said...

and i like your humor so much!!!

If I see a fairy godmother around I'll buy her a ticket to London!
Nevermind... it's on me...

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Fruenswerk - thanks for the offer. But I'll have to say no... I don't want to start eating sweets to comfort myself (trötsäta). The thought is really sweet though. tHANKS!