Monday, December 10, 2007


I'm continuing to work on my screen printed superheroes as I planned. I colour them (or as I call it in Swedish "fylleri-övningar" - hard to translate) playing with how different you can make them look. Naked/dressed is something Vanessa Beecroft works with in her installation as many know. But she has also made some really sensitive paintings (looks like watercolours to me?) that I didn't know about before (so check the link!).


mansuetude said...

I am not sure what your content thought is behind your heros... but

the ones with faces are very erotic, more like a pin up girl or something sexualizing power outward. The faceless ones seem more masked,more of a power that is in control of itself while also being sensual woman

power is either... women choose which power they want to express... but what about a super hero?
I don't know your concept/intention so its hard to say more. I liked your exhibit show from earlier links but it gives no statement which is usually found with the art in a gallery.

Your watercolors too, very sensitive, erotic, and as if they pull forward the strength in each personality.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Hm, mansuetude. My art is about stereotypes, but not only stereotypes being forced on you - it can also be a stereotype that you chose to use to your advantage.

My work is more or less only about women.I work with images from mass media (advertising, film, TV etc) and at some point also notice how they borrow from art (history).

Normally I'm not commenting my art very much. I like to hear what other people see - and think. Let the spectator interpret. And I can be amused when they see something totally different then I could ever have imagined you could see in my art piece...But you got what I was thinking when painting...