Thursday, December 13, 2007

light in darkness

Sancta Lucia today. I'm always Lucia to my family no matter what. When my father was still alive I used to bike across town in the darkness to surprise him with Lucia bread waking him up with my song (though singing is not one of my talents!). Today I surprised someone else. We need light and nice traditions at this dark time of the year.


Hellie said...

Big Sis!
Cute Max! Was he part of the surprise task force or the one being targeted ;)
Little Sis

mansuetude said...

I read about St. Lucia last night, from another blog... it is a sweet tradition, the candles so symbolic... it occurs to me that you are playing a different kind of super hero here--the story about her is so juxtaposed between a lovely girl in white dress with light, and sweets=and then the brutality too behind her desire to love, to be a hero in another way. Its a large cultural icon.

Enjoy the holiday. Stay light.