Wednesday, December 19, 2007

enamel montage

I'm fixing with the montage of the enamels (made in November). These are 20x15 cm. I mount a little piece of wood on the back (where I also hang them) to get them to magically float at a distance from the wall. I made several small ones like these. They are supposed to be together.

I'm planning a new website for my art - so I'm looking around for good (and bad) examples. I also come along a lot of art - like Barnaby Whitfield . I both like and dislike his art.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you would like to check out mine! I really liked your photos. Too bad they can't be enlarged.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

And your website can be found where?

mansuetude said...

at first impression
the enamel (maybe its just the images on this monitor) but the women/heros seem even more "embedded" in their hiding! They are "glossed over" by their own willingness to undress into the daylight or something... its a different intensity.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

evan - is your website a good or bad example? ;)

mansuetude - it's interesting how a different material changes the picture... the top one is after one of my paintings. It's somewhere in my blog in september (that is - the painting).

mansuetude said...

yes, its different.
the high gloss comes across with light on the monitor.., but it makes me think of other things too--

the enamal leads soul--the light we get from others in our presence.

reminds me of glazed pottery (a stiff end to soft clay)the setting into shape that happens in kiln--the permanence of that shape (which connects to social criticism about women as they develop past puberty--how they get locked into patterns!)

nail polish--both evocative of beauty and yet hard.. strong. strengthening (the irony you play with)? i think. (another covering; attention grabbing; sexual; female only activity)

but also the enamal gives me the word "embedded": as in hidden; locked beneath a (formal) (like make-up) format (the gloss of thought; the text of what it means to be a woman)etc
which lives inside us and guides the way we dress, talk, walk, think of ourselves.

have you ever read some of the french feminist critics/? they inform your work--