Thursday, December 20, 2007

everlasting enamel story

It's late - almost 23:00 - and I'm still working. Tomorrow I'll meet these people about the enamels for the 11 entrances. Originally it was supposed to be 11 art pieces giving identity to each entrance. Then they wanted to have the number - and then the street name - on the enamel (BIG!). And the names of the animals. I've been trying to convince them to have it on a separate enamel - but I'm not getting through to them. So now I'm trying very hard to get them to understand that having it UNDER is the way to go. Above (which they want) is like putting a lid on it, to take away the importance from the animals, to make it even more into a street sign with an illustration on it - not an art piece. Besides - I'm an artist not a graphic designer. I want to work with the picture - not the letters... (size of enamels will be approx 35x40 cm)

Cross your fingers and think "under", "under", "under"...

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