Saturday, December 01, 2007

.. and the glass?

And what about Ditte's glass that I was so curious about? Did I get to see the result yesterday?

Yes, but it was an anticlimax. Ditte wasn't very happy - the screenprinted plants had more or less disappeared when she fused the two glasses together... She has to remake it in a different way.

The glass on the photo is mine - from 2004. I wish I had the time to explore that material more ... maybe later?

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Bibbi said...

Tack för att du tittade in på virtuell julmarknad! Och bra att du skrev så jag hittade tillbaka till din blogg som jag tappat på vägen. Det är så kul att se olika delar av samma kultur-göteborg, nu ska jag spara dig ordentligt.