Thursday, January 21, 2010

objects of envy

Last week I got a parcel from Thereza, she sent me some gifts for the new year. And she was very sweet and included even a colouring book for my son! But that was not enough for him. Just like me, he loves Thereza's imagery, and confiscated the house for his room. Clearly that was meant for him too ... she just forgot to write it.

Earlier this week I got a parcel again. Anairam had send me lovely gifts all the way from South Africa. Someone was full of envy "why do you get all this and not me?" I said "Give and you shall receive", but that didn't work on the son. Now the banner "have fun make art" hangs next to his easel, because as he put it "everything that is yours, mummy, is mine, right?"

Thereza and Mariana, thank you for cheering up two people at home with tonsillitis!


Anairam said...

I am so glad it arrived safely. And I hope your son has great fun while making art! PS I hope the tonsillitis is all gone?

marie-louise said...

Fina presenter nu när ni är hemma och behöver piggas upp.
Eller tänk så här, som min ljuvliga svärmor:
-Stanna hemma och fira sjukdomen! Fast har man ont i halsen och behöver göra annat är det inte kul alls.
Krya, krya och trevlig helg.
(Ska vi inte ses i Stockholm snart...och sen en liten tur till lilla U-a...????)

●• Thereza said...

awww yes, of course it was meant for him as well, i just forgot to write it :)
it makes me so happy to know he likes my pictures!

aimee said...

these are indeed objects of envy! beauties from two of my favorite artists! i'd steal the house too, as well as the heart banner!