Wednesday, January 27, 2010

material and colours

I suggested enamel as the material for the art pieces for the entrances as it's a durable material, but also beautiful. I use a special enamel screen printing colour to transfer my sketches to the enamels (see how here and then here). The method of screen printing allows some of the difference in tonality to be transferred from the original ink drawings.

As every animal should be repeated 4 times (or 2) I suggested using different colour tones to differentiate the entrances in the same building from each other. As the buildings are subtle in colour I decided not to use too vivid colours. Darker tones would make the animals easier to see - a yellow test confirmed that. I made colour tests on tiles as they are so much cheaper than enamels, but can also take the enamel screen printing colour. What is tricky with enamel screen printing colour is that you never know how a mixture will turn out after being in the kiln - what looked like orange and green ... came out as almost the same ochre tone!

As the best choices of colour I suggested grey, subtle greyish blue, reddish brown and a soft military green - but of course gave more options. [I've found that it is always better to let the clients have at least some choices - to make them feel in charge of the project.]


Ana Gonzalez said...

I like all animals, but more that are drawn entirely but I like the ducks rabbits. You have been very successful in ink drawing, have been simple and beautiful.

marie-louise said...

Vilket läckert utsmyckningsuppdrag. Det blir intressant att följa ditt arbete här.

Sara said...

Fantastisk med farver, de kommer virkelig til live :)

Esti said...

they are turning out great!