Thursday, January 28, 2010

finally in the studio!

Since Monday I have started my planned intense studio time (5 weeks - was supposed to be 6 weeks, but got tonsillitis). It's a joy to come to the studio every morning; I'm excited like a little child!

I bike every day all year around to my studio - if I don't have to carry something heavy or got a fever. Yesterday going there it was a mild snow storm - and slush and rain going home. I felt like a superhero being one of the few on a bike. BUT today it's like an ice rink full of bumps out here ... I barely managed to deliver the child to preschool (tried the bike, but I had to walk with it). So on what was supposed to be the fourth day in the studio I decided to stay at home. I'm writing all these applications for funding for KKV and some for me as well. (ok, I'm on a break right now)

see Helsinki new year (very uplifting!) - one of many videos to enjoy by my dear talented friend Miska Knapek. More of Miska Knapek


nathalie et cetera said...

Je suis bien contente pour toi !
Et j'aime beaucoup ton studio. Il a l'air d'un vrai studio où du vrai travail se fait. Pas juste un joli endroit pour prendre un café et rêver.

sandra said...

hurra vad kul! blev alldeles uppåt av att läsa :)

louise said...

No wonder you're excited like a child, it sounds WONDERFUL and looks perfect. Keep having superhero fun.

Fine Little Day said...

Får samma känslasom Sandra, blir glad av din post. Ser härligt ut i din atelje!