Sunday, September 02, 2012

Exhibition X

Friday night we had the opening - and the only 3 hours out-door exhibition - presenting the results from the summer course I've been teaching ("Big format screen printing and its spatial possibilities"). Below some glimpses from the exhibition and the fantastic weather conditions. We had sun, we had rainbows, we had glittering heavy rain in sun light, we had sun set sun coloring the exhibition in warm yellow, we had dramatic spotlights created by the sun ... (we had a roof ...)
on the left (white paper) work by Anna-Lotta Ahlmén, on the right (fabric) by Emilia Persdotter

the setting sun working as a spotlight on part of Josef Jägnefelt's art piece
in the warm light from the setting sun (Emilia Persdotter)
in sun set and rain; work by Jacob Nyberg (details)

Tomorrow I'll show you some more photos from the Exhibition


annton said...

I am stunned by the art. truly am. and before I forget it, you answering my question on portfolios a couple of months ago. first I felt stuck and a little overwhelmed, but then I have started to follow your advice and now everything is much clearer. doors wide open for next steps. you really have helped me a lot. thank you!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

I'm very happy to hear that, Annton Beate! Good luck with the next steps!