Thursday, May 24, 2012

why is it so hard?

Why is it so hard for me to make art almost all the time? 
Almost never flow - or calmly working on. 
Sometimes; almost there, almost there  - yes this might be something! ... but - No, nothing
Not good enough.

Am I asking for too much?


Julia da Franca said...

dear alexandra. i guess i know exactly how you feel... but we should stop to think in those needless categories like good, not good enough etc.
i try to dance with my brushes between three paintings, almost at the same time, if i feel a struggle, i put the one away for a while, after a few days it looks much better than i thought before;)
keep on-don't think, just do it... x julia

Jane Housham said...

I think every painting has a 'not good enough' moment, or period. You just have to know it will come and keep going regardless. Or sleep on it and it will almost certainly seem better the next day.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

thanks for your encouraging words, Jane and Julia!

Today, the next day, the painting wasn't better - but I didn't mind ... as I realized I had three others going on that are totally ok!

barbara said...

I love reading and looking here! I can understand you so well....I think it´s our head that makes it so hard. We think and re-think and our expectations are so high. Sometimes it´s the most difficult part to just let go of them, to just play whether the outcome is "good" or "bad" (what is this anyway??). Love, Barbara