Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cissi and mice in my studio

Today I had Cissi - the pattern queen - working with me in my studio all day. We were both wearing yellow shoes (Cissi's shoes above) and she gave me a short pattern making class ... and then we worked side by side making patterns. Me just playing around to get the concept, Cissi working to meet an important deadline.

After the mice I also started making a pattern based on laughters. I just couldn't help myself. I do love my laughters, even though I whine about them sometimes (they are very tiresome to make as I have to smile all the time to get the right feeling ...It's like the deep love you have for your kids, but sometimes you get irritated and need a break)

[the text poster sketch in my last post wasn't any sign of despair with my own art. I was just taking a break and having a laugh referring to the current trend in interior design; posters with text on the walls - instead of art]

Check out this amazing doll house


Veja cecilia said...

tack för idag!

annton said...

total misinterpretation from my side then. sorry. imagined you fighting in the studio, but it seems this was a bad case of projection; I fought that day. still do, a bit. have a great weekend.

marie-louise said...

Så nu gör ni mönster!!!

Alexandra Hedberg said...

Antonn - it is very hard to hear the tone in a blog post ... so it's not weird you interpreted it the way you did. I have a dark sense of humor ... so many times when I might sound a little :( it is with a laughter!