Tuesday, May 22, 2012

laughters in my studio

Time flies. Now it's almost end of May. I have to pull myself together and finish at least the first part of my latest project within three weeks. This is of course just a deadline I've set myself. But the plan is that I'll be able to have all the material ready for my book in August/September ... and I have in total five weeks until September when I can work on my own stuff (teaching summer course + vacation will take little more than 2 months away from working on my art). 

Check out Fideli's amazing still lives made out of paper (first under 3D paper cut)

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Gracia said...

I like the movement in these works. They are truly suggestive of laughter. Of merriment. And some look like they are having a good old cackle.

I like to impose a deadline with my own work too. I work best that way and it helps me focus. (This reminds me, apparently we make the best decisions when we are busting for the loo. Must be a little clarity in the urgency, I guess. And I guess it is the same with art too, at times. Hmm.)