Sunday, May 06, 2012

Art as Business: research and investment phase

The other years when I've been writing about Art and Business I've been mostly concentrating on how to get structured, how to manage time and how to finance my art through my art. Now I'm in a different phase concentrating on moving up to the next level with my art (not my "art as business" - there I've already advanced). I couldn't really do that before when juggling too many projects. Basically I didn't have the time to go deep into my art, to experiment and achieve more. Also: having too many exhibitions coming up forced me in some way to be consistent ...

So I needed to save up some money to get the time - and take a break from exhibiting and doing different art projects. After finishing my commission in August last year that's been what I'm doing: having the time for playing around and no pressure (but from myself). You could say I gave myself a working grant. Now I've soon run out of the saved money, but luckily I have some few incomes from teaching art occasionally so I'll do my best to stretch this period until winter. I've so far succeeded in holding back on getting involved in art projects in order to concentrate on just my "own" art (here I make a distinction between my own art and commissions for example). Luckily I haven't either gotten any more public commission (yes, I think it is good. A commission would have been a big distraction).

So lately I haven't tried to "market or sell" my art really, because I haven't felt able to define it. This has been kind of scary and weird for me ...but at the same time I know it is necessary to take this break.

As I see it I'm investing in my art...


Lotta Makes Art Konstnär och konstpedagog said...

Hi!Very interesting to read and take part of your "travel" trying to live on your art. I am also an artist and im struggle with the same "problem"; to get money so i can go deeper into my art and the creative work (wich is my highest desire. I follow your blog and read now and then and wish you Good luck wit you plan.
/ Lotta

●• Thereza said...

hmmm a break to refresh our approach is always necessary from time to time isn't it?
i'm sure you're enjoying yours and i need one too but cannot see it happening until at least october... being busy is good but having a break from commercial projects is also crucial.
catching up on the rest of your blog now. always a joy :))

Camilla Engman said...

hmm ser bröst här med :)

Alexandra Hedberg said...

yes - ivarjefall "grunden" är screenaqua så att säga.

... men bröst, Camilla? Bröst är fint och inget jag har emot att måla, men inte denna gång ... har du blivit lite tuttfixerad? ;)