Monday, May 14, 2012

hard working girl

I've been a bit quiet here lately, because I've been very busy. Today I've worked for 15 days in a row - and I have two more days to go before I take a little break ... So why so busy? Many reasons. I have this so very exciting "new experiments" going on plus a new toy for my art (I'll share soon), had a very important grant application to put together, a screen printing workshops to teach - and more. Today I'm meeting a gallerist to show my recent work - to keep her informed for my exhibition next year (spring) - so I've also put together some materials showing sketches, art works and my process. I'm still in a developing phase with my new work, but now I feel like I know where I'm heading ... so I think I'll be able to give her an idea. (It will be interesting to see what she thinks.)

interesting link for artists How's my dealing - artists on dealers, galleries, curators etc (mostly in the US) [hint: it's the comments you should read]


Gracia said...

Sounds like the best kind of busy. Knowing where you are heading is a great feeling. Ever onward, Alexandra.

louise said...

Very busy indeed, and yes, knowing where you are heading is a great feeling. Exhilarating even. xolj