Sunday, April 01, 2012

working with wood

All weekend I've been taking this introduction course to the wood workshops at KKV (artists' run workshops). First I had these two raw oak planks. Then I split them in thin pieces, planed 21 sides, glued them together, planed them again, split again, - and cut them in the other direction. And now I have 8 pieces of smooth and lovely looking oak ... and you could think I've not made much progress - but next class I'll put them together and then have two beautiful  night tables (designed by me) to fasten on the wall!
(oh, I love learning new stuff)

I thought that this weekend I was going to be able to post the studio visit I paid to Tina Frausin the other week, but I was way too optimistic about time and my super powers... 


marie-louise said...

Vad kul med nytt material - igen!

Gracia said...

I have been a little too optimistic about time and super powers over here too.