Monday, April 16, 2012

demo art piling up

Comrade Mao, made the other day. He just exists in digital form for now (could it be pedagogical to print him as well? Probably)

Saturday I gave a one-day-workshop in "Photoshop: preparing for screen printing". Always when teaching I make some "demo art" in different ways and styles - which means I make something just for the purpose of showing the principles. Now these "art pieces" - existing in a sort of limbo just for the sake of pedagogic - really have started piling up. They need a drawer of their own. I wonder how many I will have in the end? ( I don't sell them of course)

DigitalArts has got great photoshop tutorials, like this one for example
two screen prints made during a demonstration printing session - to show how you can make simple images with an open frame using only a cut mask in yellow pages paper (left) or by painting directly in the open mesh (right) before pulling the squeegee. 

one of my first demo prints made some years ago


Gracia said...

I like how you say that these will need a drawer of their own... ever the hive of creative industry you are. It is inspiring to see.

marie-louise said...

Kul med gamla Mao!