Tuesday, April 24, 2012

art in windows

Anna Eggert's glass art in a window at KKV (artist run collective workshops)
Emma Ströde's bronze sculptures on the windowsill in her studio
...and Lotta Söder's glass objects in her studio next door to Emma

Yesterday I managed a quick look in some artist studios during Majornas Konstrunda (open studios and workshops). It's always interesting to get to see other artist's studio - but in the context of "Open Studio" the studios have always become more like showrooms. Art is on display and all the mess is gone. And the artists hope to make a sell. (Still nice to see the studios, but the creative ambience is not present. There are no visible works in progress)

I've been thinking a lot about studio practice this spring. About what it means to me, about creativity and pushing boundaries. About my kind of everyday life and what makes us artists go on. I've just started reading (and looking in) a very promising book about artists and their studios - I will review it here, soon.

Where they create - a visual documentation of artists' and other creatives' (work) environment by Paul Barbera. (not the book I'm reading)


Christine Clemmensen said...

Jeg elsker at se studios. Men helt klart i aktiv form. Elsker stemningen og energien. Her ser man virkelig mennekset og kunstneren. Det er svært at skjule sig selv i sit arbejdsværelse.

Gracia said...

Interested to hear more of what you are reading of late. Artists and their studios! I am intrigued. And as someone in a little (big) creative rut, what makes us go on is of great (and timely) interest to me.