Tuesday, April 10, 2012

learning about reproduction photography

One of my important part-goals for spring 2012 has been to learn properly about reproduction photography. Lately my paintings have become more tricky to take good photos of (a lot of white, monochrome in strong colours - often red and pinkish in thin layers) and I have been swearing over how I can not make them justice in spite of all the time I spend colour correcting in the computer afterwards...

My strength as a photographer lies more in seeing possibilities and using ambience ... not being "correct".

So today I had hired a photographer to teach me how to take good reproduction photos of my paintings and how to use photoshop better for the afterwork. I had a vague idea of how most works, but learning from a professional sure makes a difference! It's a smart short cut. Now I am asking myself why I didn't do this earlier... Not that I can say I'm mastering it, but after a little bit more of practice ... ?

[for anyone worrying about my results - the photos above were taken with my iPhone documenting the photo session - and are not my great "reproduction photos"]

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annton said...

this has been a very smart move. thank you for sharing the idea!