Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Oscar Muños

It's not that often when visiting an exhibition that I feel happy, excited and "this is so good" - and all at the same time. But that's how I felt when I saw Oscar Muños' retrospective exhibition at Museo del Arte del Banco de la republica here in Bogotà! Oscar Muños is one of Colomia's most important contemporary artists and I felt an immediate connection with his art. Muños works with photography, video/video installations and objects with a strong tie to art history's long tradition of depicting as well as with the process of transformation, destruction and reconfiguration. His imagery is mostly based on portraiture (photography and drawing).

There is both something elusive and something everlasting in his art. The concept of time seems to be essential. And the act of depicting and the concept of representing. 

carbon in water
here you can see the border of the image above; the carbon is floating on water in a box. It's very elusive. 
video; Muños is painting a portrait (self portrait I belive) over and over again. But as it is painted only with water on concrete it disappears as the water dries ... and he paints it again and again.
videoinstallation. can't really explain it. it has to been seen in real life. Great though!

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We Blog Artists said...

very exciting whenever an exhibition thrills ones interiors!
This one looks great.
HAPPY NEW YEAR Alex...may 2012 bring lots of smiles your way!