Tuesday, January 17, 2012

more grey: sketchbook material

Before going to Colombia I managed to finish my sketchbook for the sketchbook project. This was a fun little creative exercise for me, a playful intimate game on the theme "Grey side of Life". (and a healthy contrast for me who is nowadays just aiming for monumental).

I decided on some basic limitations to sparkle my fantasy (as this always is a good way for me to get playful):
- to just use (mostly) grey left overs and materials from my studio (ink and colour tests, small parts of discarded big drawings) ...
- use whatever I could distinguish on the paper, what I could see with my fantasy (hey, that looks like an elephant), cut it out and just add as little as possible. And no censoring - what showed up showed up.

(I'll share some more sketches tomorrow)

There's an interview with me over at Pikaland. Soon my Art as Business e-course will be starting at Camp Pikaland!

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Laura Brown said...

I also "exercise" with sketchbooks. They take me in the right direction.