Monday, January 09, 2012

Bogotà from the car

the outskirts of Bogotà; a typical roadside restaurant
another place for eating;  they are barbecuing big pieces of meat and corn

I grew up without a car and I don't have a car in Sweden nowadays either. I've never in my life spent as much time in a car as now in Bogotà. According to my Colombian family it's not safe to take photos on the street ... so I've been documenting the street life through the car window. (But you have to hide the camera when stopping for a red light or they might smash the window and steal your camera. They stole my mother in law's handbag that way...)


when skies are grey said...

That top picture is beautiful. It's been so interesting to see Columbia through your pictures. Hope you are enjoying yourself, aside from the stop lights, yikes.

Christine Clemmensen said...

Godt nytår! :-) Det lyder vildt spændende med Columbia. Og lidt farligt ;-) Pas på dig, og rigtig god tur :-)