Saturday, December 10, 2011

sketchbook project in the post

Early tomorrow morning we're taking the flight to Bogotà via Frankfurt. I've actually managed to do almost everything on my to do list! YES. We've even cleaned the apartment so my mother won't have to house-sit a dirty place. One of the other things I finished was my contribution for the sketchbook project on the Theme Grey side of life, and posted it. This little creature is one of my sketches. I'll share my whole sketchbook later on.

And now back to packing those last things. I'll be back here in a couple of days, but then blogging from Colombia.


Lotte said...

Have a nice trip to Columbia :) And great your sketchbook already :=)

barbara said...

Have a great trip & happy christmas in South America! wow!
Love this sketch. This character has so much personality. Can´t wait to see more of your sketchbook.

We Blog Artists said...

Safe journey to jet-setter you!
I really wanted to do the Sketchbook project, and didn't get around to it.
They have a viewing in Toronto, so perhaps I'll try and search yours down and see it in person.
Christmas in
P.S.The girls LOVED their Christmas illustration of them. :-)