Saturday, December 31, 2011

further up in the mountains

(here everyone thinks he's a girl because of his long hair)

Still in Colombia. The other day we went further up the mountains outside Bogotà. The landscape looked very much like Switzerland and the weather was like a mild Swedish summer day in June. We are here a full month (two more weeks to go) and I had thought I would be able to work at least two hours a day - I brought the computer. 
But, No. 
I'm enjoying the time here and I'm telling myself there will be time for work in 2012. This also means that for now I will be posting mostly about Colombia and not that much about my art. I hope you find it as interesting as I do!

the village architecture didn't look much like Switzerland though.

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Anonymous said...

hej mina vänner o älsklingar!

upptäckte just nu er blogg och njuter av fotografierna! Ser fantastiskt ut, wow! kramar fr Momsan