Saturday, December 03, 2011

guest teaching in Lidköping

Christmas feeling in Lidköping
work in progress
I'm home from Lidköping, but unfortunately I brought a cold back with me. So snotty and feverish right now. Sleeping might cure it, don't you think?


Priya Sebastian said...

A swig of brandy does it for me ;-)

gracia said...

Sleep is a great cure-all, I always find. I sleep off migraines, and banish stress with ZZZZs.

Feel 100% soon.

Alexandra Hedberg said...

thanks for your tips! I tried some hot sweet wine with spices ("glögg") which made me feel a bit better. Then I slept a lot. And felt even better! BUT the very next day I did a lot of things in the cold outdoors and now I'm worse than before ...