Thursday, June 23, 2011

Testing and the Tempest

The initial short and intense screenprinting period (3 days) of the summer course is over; test prints with smaller frames on different materials and getting the hang of printing big format on vacuum table and with a "printing arm" (not sure about the English word for this). My students completed the first assignment together: an 18 meters long print based on the first scene of Shakespeare's The Tempest (in an edition of two, with variations).

SCENE I. On a ship at sea: a tempestuous noise

of thunder and lightning heard.
Enter a Master and a Boatswain
Here, master: what cheer?
Master Good, speak to the mariners: fall to't, yarely,
or we run ourselves aground: bestir, bestir.

A confused noise within: 'Mercy on us!'-- 'We split, we split!'--'Farewell, my wife and children!'-- 'Farewell, brother!'--'We split, we split, we split!'


Veja cecilia said...

oh vad fint det ser ut!

nathalie et cetera said...

wow ! j'adore ! quelle belle pièce à interprépter.

when skies are grey said...

The second picture down is such a striking pattern. I really enjoy getting to see what you and your students get up to in your classes :)