Monday, June 13, 2011

a secret sketch

real size drawing of the wolf.
Working on my commission again (seems to be a never ending story); some parts are going to be painted in two colours which means I have to mask out parts. I cut these masks by hand to adjust the original drawings to the actual aluminium shapes and to "hide the holes" we've drilled. The wolf's lines seem more abstract as I cut his original shape out of an old sketch. Take a closer look at the bottom wolf and you might be able see a part of a sketch of Snow White. (Or maybe only I can still see it? You can't see her face. Her cape is flying and her skirt is too - she's landing after flying - like a super hero). 

I think it is very important to keep that drawing in the final version of the wolf - even though most people will not notice! (I will know - and so will you)

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gracia said...

Enjoying reading and seeing your process. I like how you are going to "hide the holes", and your observations about the wolf's form when viewed in this way. The wolf abstracted. I am particularly enjoying these posts of late as I am busy assessing student folios at the moment. It's nice to see some hands on stuff... I am living vicariously through your blog.

be well, g xo