Tuesday, June 07, 2011

adding some colour

Last night I dreamt about my public commission; I was to mount it on the wall of the school and suddenly noticed I had made some parts of it in wool instead of aluminium. It started raining and the yellow came off Snow white's skirt and the wool just became really heavy and expanded all the way down to the ground...

Today I spend all day degreasing the 57 aluminium pieces (both sides!) and marking them with the correct RAL colour code. Tomorrow I'll leave everything to be powder spray painted.
... It's almost ready now. 


gracia said...

I love it when you dream of your work, when you can't switch off... but perhaps only in retrospect.

Good luck with your project, Alexandra. It's going to be great.

when skies are grey said...

I agree with gracia, so interesting to dream of your work. It would be stressful to have it sort of melt away. It will be great, can't wait to see it completed.