Monday, August 02, 2010

starting afresh

Today I felt a bit lost and confused going back to working life after 4 weeks of leisure time. It felt like being woken up when you're in deep sleep mode. I had written a long list of all the tasks I was to perform today, but I wasn't efficient enough.

Buying new papers at Cornérs for screen printing felt symbolic: a fresh start. (they had forgotten to change to the right date in the calendar on the wall). This week I will screen print the colouring page series (Snow white!) I sketched for in June.

And on Sunday there will be a new Interview in my Art as Business series - great artist and interesting answers.


●• Thereza said...

4 weeks?! lucky you :)
i'll be lucky to have one week in September...
welcome back!

We Blog Artists said...

I started again today too after a little break...and I haven`t touched pastels in over 10 new beginings!
great pics Alex...thanks for sharing, can`t wait to see your Snow White series!

Satsuki said...

I am experiencing the same feeling. Even though I love my job and feel immensely grateful for it, it feels so weird to be stuck inside. And there are so many things I would love to do instead of working !
Btw, I decided to take swedish classes in September. Maybe this could be my "new start" ?

nathalie et cetera said...

quel joli endroit. très inspirant. j'ai hâte d voir tes screen prints. bon retour !