Thursday, August 19, 2010


What you thought would grow big didn't turn out to be the right thing to plant (too many seeds too close). And something else that you just planted for fun gave a lot of tomatoes. And a seed from last year hidden in the old soil suddenly gave a beautiful surprise flower.

Same goes for plans. I'm home doing some administration and trying to figure out my autumn and what to say NO to and what to EMBRACE. Oh, forgot to tell you: I was granted some money from a foundation to take a concrete casting course in spring. Yeah!

did I ever link before to Ken Rogowski's bears? Anyway, here we go.


●• Thereza said...

excellent news about the grant for the course. exciting eh?!
yes, i'm going through the same cycle of reassessment on what to 'embrace' and what to say 'no' to. i must admit, i'm getting better at the saying 'no' bit. we have to... it's about prioritizing, isn't it? at the end of the day we can't do everything!

aimee said...

i cannot wait to see what you do with concrete casting. that is beyond awesome.

gracia said...

Ha! "What you thought would grow big didn't turn out to be the right thing"... could sum up so many things I make (as well as grow). Got to love trial and error and the like.

Congratulations on your grant so well deserved. Yay! for you, Alexandra.

Wild4U said...

Exciting to hear about that concrete casting course!!!

Enjoy Gothenburg sunshine today as long as it lasts!

Lotte said...

WOW BIIIG carrots...hihi