Thursday, August 05, 2010

snooping around

When I am at KKV working I always try to take a break in order to snoop around to see what other artists are up to. KKV (=artist run collective workshops) consists of workshops for printmaking, cutting plotter, textile, tuft (to make rugs), bronze casting, metal, carpentry, ceramics, glass and enamel. In addition there are some project rooms the members can rent when working on commissioned art. In the project room next to where I screen print I found Lotta Söder working on commissioned glass mosaic pillars.

And leaning against the wall in the same room was Ulf Celén's relief for a preschool. He came and got it the very same day to deliver it. I was happy to get to get the chance to see it completed... I had seen him working on it whenever I came to KKV since January.

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●• Thereza said...

so cool! the glass mosaic is beautiful.
alexandra, my tiny folios were made with moo business cards, glad you like them :)