Thursday, August 12, 2010

inspiration for sculpture?

My mother and sister found me this toy in Denmark. The little doll made them think of my art... She's called Sorte Marie (black Mary), she's magnetic and you can dress her in different outfits. Now I'm thinking I might need a sculpture for my exhibition in November (big floor space) - maybe this should be the way to go?

And then I have always had this secret longing to get into bookmaking (by hand, of course). I don't know what I should use it for. (Any suggestion?) I just feel like folding papers and sewing them with that special waxed thread and fasten them to the spine and.... This longing got worse when I found Dennis Yuen's book art - he has also got a paper and bookmaking blog. Found via Uppercase


We Blog Artists said... Sorte Marie...she sure would make a beautiful sculpture.
Katie Green from Green Bean Studio just released her Green Bean Zine #4 with a VERY detailed hand drawn description of how to bind your own books...very very helpful!
I am about to make a couple of sketchbooks...
have a great evening.

gracia said...

Could easily imagine this piece informing both sculpture and artists' book. Either way, or perhaps both, you will make something fabulous with it and I am keen to see what it turns out to be.

marie-louise said...

Åh, vilken fin.

Fine Little Day said...

Men, vill leka!

Sara-Renate said...

Love it!

●• Thereza said...

what a wonderful find!