Friday, May 28, 2010

pedagogical mural project

On Tuesday I will paint the 5 murals together with the schoolchildren. This was how I worked with them to come up with the suggestions.

The limitations for this project was as always time and money. We could just get ONE day to paint the murals, and as the budget was limited the materials had to be kind of cheap and I could just get 5 occasions per school-class to help them develop the ideas. (in addition they got 2 times with their art teacher).

So I gave the kids some limitations:
- figurative based on cut out silhouettes from magazines and newspaper (this way everyone would have a fair chance; the idea was the main thing). Then they could add other elements to bind the scenes together.
- the choice of 4 out of 7 subtle colour-tones for the silhouettes.
- the white wall should not be covered but be the base of the images.
- work in groups of 2-3 kids (initially everyone had to work this way individually before teaming up)


We Blog Artists said...

looks like a GREAT project!
can't wait to see the finished work...I bet the kids are excited.
Have a great weekend.

gracia said...

Aha! Now I see why the mural looked so like a series of paper cutouts.

VOLD said...

I really like this project! I am studying to be a art-teacher in sweden and i know that this kind of projects are really important and inspiring for students. I think the project shows the students what art lectures can be about. Not some boring thing about perspective or colortheory.

VOLD said...

haha, såg att du var svensk.