Monday, May 03, 2010

paper cuts for mural

Part of a larger image I made today to show the schoolchildren how you can think (took me almost an hour)

It's been almost 5 weeks since I worked with the schoolchildren (age 15) on the longer mural project. But tomorrow it's time again. The tricky things with this project is that we have so very little time; I have 5 lessons (1 hour each lesson) per school class to help them develop ideas, make sketches and prepare for painting the mural. (They are supposed to work without me as well, but just twice) And then just ONE day to execute the murals together with some of the children in FOUR different places in their school.

So the big challenges for me is to manage to help them achieve something good and something that won't take too much time to execute (and that they'll manage to work on without my constant help - I can not divide into four!).

My idea: We cut out human figures from newspapers and magazines as bases for coloured silhouettes (in a limited number of colours) which can be used in any creative way to make larger images. They first worked individually to get the idea and will now work in groups of 3 on a suggestion in scale 1:5.

The question: will they manage to come up with a finished suggestion in just 3 hours (3 lessons)? 3 hours is not very much time, is it?

They didn't finish the individual suggestions in 2 hours...


marie-louise said...

Besvärligt det här med att du utgår från deras papersklipp blir nog bra, det "blir något" ganska direkt.
Är det ett "skapande skola" projekt?
Lycka till med fortsättningen!

annamaria potamiti said...

Hi Alexandra, I've been going over the few posts I missed and it's always so very interesting to read your thoughts. I think a small amoount of arrogance is a healthy thing- I wouldn't actually even call it arrogance but rather *self-esteem*- how could we ever do anything without it?
Good luck with the kiddies- I tought that age group Visual Arts for an IB School for eight years, and I know they can be exciting to work with, but can also be a handfull...- I am looking forward to seeing the final murals-